Additional services that we offer

company formation

Company Formations & Liquidations

We can assist the client with the formation of a new company when a new business venture is intended to be set up, or, with the liquidation of an existing company when the shareholders decide to wind up operations.

In view of the prevailing legal requirements, we can assist our client to source equally reliable and professional Company Service Providers who would be duly registered to be able to set up and register new limited liability companies with the Malta Business Registry and provide a company registered office for the company. 

We can act as liquidators or auditors of companies who intend to go into liquidation.  If applicable, we can also provide the clients with the required professional persons to act as liquidators and/or auditors, in view that the Companies Act requires a different auditor from the one which would have been in place prior to the liquidation process.

Payroll Support Services

The payroll support services we offer include, registration of employees with the Inland Revenue Department, Social Security Department and JobsPlus, the timely preparation of payroll on a weekly or monthly basis as required, and the preparation and submission of the relative and required monthly and annual returns. We would also assist the client with the payment of the relative dues arising from the respective payroll in a timely manner so that the client would not incur any unnecessary penalties arising from the late payment thereof.


VAT & Tax Consultancy

It is of paramount importance for every business organisation that it strictly adheres to all the legal requirements in connection with Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax.  In this respect, we possess all the required expertise in delivering our services in the most timely and professional manner. Failure to comply accordingly would entail the business organisation to incur additional and unnecessary costs, fines and interest.

Financial Management Consultancy Services

As financial consultants we will help your business increase shareholder value and improve on the efficiency of the capital. We will help you build on your success and wealth as a company so that it can make a big return without any wrong turns. We will offer financial planning and will identify any investments that might be the next great step for your company.

Finding the right professionals

It is highly imperative to find and engage the right professionals when it comes to the financial requirements of your business finances. The choice of the right professional has a direct bearing on the operations and the financial sustainability of your organisation and on the peace of mind by avoiding to be subject to the unnecessary financial repercussions emanating from non-compliance of the law. We have the required expertise and experience needed to provide you with all the information necessary so that you may smoothly proceed with the day to day operations of your  business. Our office can provide you with a holistic approach to your requirements.