Saviour Agius BA, FIA, CPA has been a sole practitioner offering his services for the last twenty seven years to a varied portfolio of clients.  He has associates that are working for him to duly support his clients as necessary, and a network of professionals who are specialised in their field. It is his custom to greet potential clients with a complimentary face to face introductory meeting.  During that meeting, Saviour gets to know his client and his operations, and thereafter, he will be in a position to propose those services which would adequately meet the requirements of his client. Saviour can boast of a minimal client turnover in view of the personalised service he strives to give his clients.


You can rest assured that we are experienced and reliable enough to provide you with all the required information and assistance so that your business organisation can smoothly operate with all the necessary professional support. In view that Saviour Agius has been operating since 1994, he has been exposed to various business combinations and/or requirements which would surely enable him to share his experiences with his clients. As we ensure that all the necessary reporting deadlines are duly met, and that we are easily and generally available to our clients’ needs, it strengthens our business relationship to a level where the clients continue to use our services on an ongoing and continued basis.