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We are available to offer the client a holistic service in connection with the financial administration of the business organisation. We ensure that any request made for our services is professionally rendered and in accordance with the Maltese legislation in force at the time the service is meant to be provided. In view that we strive to give a personalised service, the magnitude of the business organisation should not be a limiting factor. In this respect, we cater both for corporate clients and for private individuals.

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Why choose us

Properly recording the financial transactions of any business concern plays a major role in the success of one’s business. The engagement of a professional accountant and/or advisor is crucial for the existence of a business concern.  The financial information provided by the accountant is deemed to be indispensable when utilised in connection with decision making by the business concern. The long time experience in the field in conjunction with the varied type of client portfolio enables us to meet our prospective client needs and requirements.  Furthermore, it is the ethos of our firm to give individual and focused attention to our clients.

What we offer you

We provide, inter alia, the services of book keeping in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax and Value Added Tax legislations, preparation of financial statements, audit and assurance services, preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns and Value Added Tax Returns, preparation and submission of the Annual Returns of the Company with the Malta Business Registry, representation with Government Departments, bankers, and/or other financial institutions as necessary, apart from any professional ad hoc financial advice required from time to time.

Moreover, we can help you source Company Service Providers in connection with the providing of a registered office for a company and/or for the setting up of a new company with the Malta Business Registry.

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